' distinctive sonic goodness with edgy and aggressive rock vibes ' ~ Ground Sounds

' Got Your Love ~ a minimalist chant colored with sparse, garage style guitar chords and a simple, blues inspired melodyexciting young talent with great musical ability ' ~ Wildy's World

' The styling and passion that Bardani brings to the EP can be felt from start to finish. Mauri has really found his creative vision and focused on his folk/rock sound ' ~ chelsea lewis, celebrity cafe

' After a quick sound check... I took a quick break. Found myself humming a tune. It was a song from these guys. Be on your guard. Their songs are HIGHLY addictive. You have been warned. ' ~ Chris Gensur

' ' The only way to hear this album is to buy it - and it is worth every cent! It weaves folksy/metally/bluesy sounds in such a way that no one has tried in decades, and the result is relevant and evocative of Donovan, Dylan, Zeppelin, Sabbath but is much more ! ' ~ Geoff Levine on Phonographic

 'all it took was the first 2 seconds of the intro riff to grab my ears' ~ Kingston Music Reviews

' tight as hell, tough... fallen in love with him. Ass kicking band from CT ' ~ Audio Fuzz

' immediately demands attention with the first few chords off of his single, “Got Your Love.” Mauri does not slowly introduce his musical sound and direction - instead he boldly announces his entrance within the first few bars ' ~ chelsea lewis, celebrity cafe