// Drums


Peter proudly endorses and uses Tama Drums and Sabian Cymbals. Pete studied under Kenny Aronoff and has toured the world opening for acts like the Police with his own band Fiction Plane . He can pretty much rock anyone's face off on the drums. He's better than any of the drummers on James' list of inspirations . And we suspect that's not all he's good at. A true leader and both a scholar and a gentleman ... but not above blush-worthy crass humor and a stiff drink .


// Vocals, Guitars, Theremin, Keys

James proudly endorses and uses Morley and Ebtech Products , and uses Gibson, Taylor, and Fender Guitars, Vox, Marshall, and Fishman Amps, GHS and Elixir strings and includes Reaper and Ableton LIVE as a part of his rig. Other items include TC electronics pedals, Boss Pedals and Korg Keyboards. James has been writing and recording since before he could drive. Once you hear his sonic brand, you'll never forget it. Brought up on Guns N' Roses and Nine Inch Nails and being a huge Tea Party fan , he's developed into a purveyor of unique and dark compositions that also rock .


// Bass

Joao proudly uses Fender Basses and Ampeg Amps and Cabinets. Joao (Jo or John) or as he is sometimes called Pow Pow Joao, Jwow, Oh wow, it's Joao or  Lil' Buddy (bear cub gif) has been an awesome addition and makes our recording sessions and rehearsals fun and keeps our low end thunder groove swinging like a gigolo in Motown (fictional town).